Is each Chartistic 3D nautical chart unique?

Each piece is made just for you to your specific requirements making it unique and personal. Your chart can be customised for coastline, size and personal inscriptions and marks such as your house, your boat, where you proposed or spent your honeymoon! The list is endless.

Is it likely that my favourite part of the coast is covered by a chart?

Almost every coast everywhere in the world has been surveyed so it is almost certain that whatever coastline is special to you, no matter where in the world, it will have a chart and hence the data exists to create a Chartistic 3D Nautical Chart especially for you.

How much do they cost?

Price for all charts depends on a number of factors including size, complexity, framing and level of customisation. Indicative price ranges are provided in the About Charts section of the website. All indicative prices are inclusive of VAT. Please contact us for a quotation. We will do everything in our power to meet your requirements and budget. 

How long does it take to make a chart?

Typical lead time is 4 – 6 weeks from receipt of an order. We understand that you may have a shorter deadline and we will always do everything in our power to meet your requirements. However, certain things do take time, for example, ordering and receiving the chart of your area (necessary for licensing purposes), creating your design and if you choose to have your chart framed, this alone can take up to two weeks.  

Why is a Chartistic 3D Nautical the Perfect Nautical Gift?

Chartistic 3D charts are unique works of art that will draw the interest of others and generate lots of discussion. This is especially so for those who love the sea or have a connection with it for whatever reason. From the sailor who sails upon it to the swimmer who swims in it or the fisherman, their special piece of coastline presented in this unique form can be a way of encapsulating specific memories or the memories of a lifetime.

What Paper Charts are Used?

Chartistic uses charts from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. They have an outstanding reputation for the accuracy of their charts and the sheer breadth of their coverage. Chartistic has entered into a licensing arrangement so as to ensure that the data used for your chart is licensed and does not infringe copyright.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Sizes Available?

Charts can be customised to suit your specific requirements, for example, to fit in a particular location in your home. The recommended minimum size is approximately A4 - 325 x 225mm (13" x 9") with a framed size of 430 x 330mm (17" x 13"). The maximum size available is 750 x 500mm (30" x 20") unframed or 900 x 670mm framed (36" x 26"). The upper limit is determined by the maximum bed size of the laser equipment.

What framing Options Exist?

Proper and professional framing is essential in order for your chart to present in its most stunning and unique 3D form. Chartistic uses a professional framer who will ensure that your chart will be framed properly and in an artistically pleasing way. Framing is charged to you at cost only. An off-white limed box frame on navy blue card works very well for most charts. However, if you have particular framing requirements such as colour, glass etc., these can be discussed as part of the ordering process. And if you wish to order a chart unframed, that is not a problem.

What about Shipping?

We use GLS who can ship globally. Shipping options will be discussed as part of the ordering process. The service is charged at cost only.

How do I pay?

Chartistic accepts all major credit and debit cards, cheques and electronic transfers. Card payments for deposits and final payment can be taken over the phone. Chartistic does not store any of your data. Chartistic uses Sumup, the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe to process card payments. The SumUp technology is the most secure method of card payment and has received full certification from a range of regulatory bodies, including:

PCI PTS V4.0 Certified, SRED EMV Level 1 & Level 2 certificates Mastercard Pay Pass, Visa Pay Wave, American Express Expresspay MasterCard TQM MasterCard TIP, Visa ADVT certified Visa Ready certified. More information is available here.