Anatomy of a Chartistic 3D Nautical Chart

Chartistic 3D Nautical Charts are stunning and unique works of art made just for you! The 2D information on the paper chart is faithfully recreated on wood, layer by topographical layer, to give a spectacular 3D presentation in colour as per the paper chart.

Each topographical layer and sub-layer, including the marine data, is laser engraved on thin sheets of poplar and then cut with amazing precision. The number of layers varies from chart to chart and usually ranges from five to eight. Finally, and much like constructing a complex jigsaw puzzle, all of the pieces are assembled together to produce the final work of art.

Chart Options

Price for all charts depends on a number of factors including size, complexity, framing and level of customisation. Indicative price ranges are given below. Please contact us for a quotation. We will do everything in our power to meet your requirements and budget. Charts are not limited to the sizes below and can be customised to to suit your specific requirements for example, to fit in a particular location in your home. Charts are also available in larger than A2 sizes if required up to a maximum of 750 x 500mm (30" x 20") unframed. Framed size approximately 900 x 670mm (36" x 26"). 


A2 - Signature Range

Measuring 600 x 420mm (24" x "16") with a framed size of 750 x 570mm (30" x 22"), these charts are our signature pieces.

Consisting of all of the major layers from the paper chart, they give full reign to our creativity to produce a stunning and unique work of art  of incredible detail and beauty.  Fit to grace any location, these charts, and all others, are available framed or unframed as you require. 

Indicative prices for A2 size range from €525 to €625 depending on your specific requirements. 


A3 - Ideal for Many Locations

This is an ideal size for many locations in your home, business or yacht. These charts consist of  all of the major layers from the paper chart to give a stunning 3D effect in full colour. The chart size is A3 - 297 x 420mm (16" x 12") with a framed size of 600 x 470mm (24" x 18"). Indicative prices for A3 size range from €345 to €395 depending on your specific requirements.


A4 - Connections Range

With budget in mind, Chartistic has created  "The Connections  Range". The Connections range is created with the same level of care and detail as usual and captures the essential elements of design, detail and colour. These charts consist of the three major layers that clearly differentiate the land, foreshore and sea. The chart size is a little over A4 - 325 x 225mm (13" x 9") with a framed size of 430 x 330mm (17" x 13"). Price including a ready made frame from €275.


Functional Art

A twist on the Connections Range was the creation of a functional piece that tells the time and the tide! This chart is in the form of a 400mm diameter clock that also indicates the state of the tide and the hours until high tide, low tide and half tides. Prices range from €295.