Capture Those Special Memories

The sea and coastline evoke special memories and emotions in people especially in those who live by it, make their living from it or use it for pleasure. Chartistic captures those memories and emotions by faithfully recreating the nautical chart of your special piece of the coastline and presenting it in an innovative 3D form on wood resulting in a stunning and unique work of art that you just won't find anywhere else. Any chart from any coast, anywhere, can be created especially for you. Why not cast off and begin your Chartistic voyage by contacting us today!


The Perfect Gift

This is the perfect gift for those who have a connection to the sea. Chartistic 3D Nautical Charts in wood faithfully recreate the paper chart of your special piece of coastline to transform it into a stunning and unique piece of art made especially for you. So if you love the sea or know someone who loves the sea, and you want to treat them to something unique that they would be treasure forever, get in touch today.


Created Just for You!

As the Chartistic 3D Chart is made just for you, it can be customised to suit your exact size and requirements and can be inscribed with words or other important features  such as your house, your boat, or almost anything else! Each chart is therefore unique to you making it a very special thing to have. 


Amazing Detail and Structure

Chartistic 3D nautical charts are created with amazing detail.The 3D effect adds depth and structure to emphasise the nature of your special bit of coast and what lies beneath. Major depth contours are painted so that the final chart is presented in beautiful colours similar to the paper chart.

Just a note to say how delighted I am with the chart my wife gave me for my birthday. It is lovely to have a reminder of waters I’ve loved racing in for the last 20 years and the chart itself is a beautiful thing, obviously made with passion. Its a great joy to have it.
— Colm, Malahide, Co. Dublin
“When I first laid eyes on this work I was literally transported back to
all the places I spent my happiest days during my childhood along the
east coast. Skerries, Rush, Malahide, Portmarnock and Sutton.
Only an artist with such strong intellect and fully in touch with the
God Part of their brain could manifest such happy visions in me through
their art. The charts are unique and bespoke down to the smallest detail and
every time I look at them, I am taken back in time to those happy carefree times”.
— Declan, Kells, Co. Meath
The paper charts are quite artistic but you have brought this to new heights with your highly innovative approach.
— Thomas, Co. Dublin
Your work is exceptional with amazing precision using the 3D process.
— Denise, Rush, Co. Dublin